The Crypto Global News team is made of a team of creative people who have a huge passion for the world of cryptocurrency and distributed ledger
technology in general. Our team come from the world of film and television, as well our financial experts who seek to bring you the crypto news!


At Crypto Global News we seek to produce AD free current objective news, reviews and interviews to share with our community.  As it is harder and harder to find honest news the world over, we feel the need to have a non biased voice in the world of cryptocurrency.  Our whole team at Crypto Global News are not only crypto enthusiasts, but also investors, and because of this we wanted to make sure that we were getting the right information about what was happening in the wonderful world of distributed ledger technology, and cryptocurrency generally.  Through our news reporting, ICO reviews, interviews and ask me anything sessions, we aim to bring more light, clarity and accuracy to this space. The more transparency we have in the crypto space, the better off we all are.

  • integrity97%
  • Professionalism94%
  • Informative85%
  • Value95%


Our Services

What we do.

The team at Crypto Global News creates video content focusing on the world of cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology generally. Our key aim is to bring information from the the greater crypto world, and deliver it in professional and entertaining videos, so the people who want to know about this space can gain easy access to the information that they are after, in user friendly medium and format. This way we can continue to grow the community while keeping people engaged and entertained, ever expanding the people who are getting involved in the crypto movement.

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The Crypto Global News Team are very selective when it comes to what we will report on, review or promote. We will only take on a project if we feel that it has actual substance and potential longevity. We do not accept and Adult, Cloud Mining, Ponzi or Gambling type projects. Current package rate's are as follows. Promo's are 0.20 BTC, Full Review 0.35 BTC and Review plus AMA 0.70 BTC. Additional extras are only applicable to already purchased services and are 0.30 BTC each component, That is the only Address we use To Accept BTC: BTC Address: 1Q524s1J9AKy8aB56rCcQepfvef8GFiVXv.

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We send out at least 5 hot news stories a week on what is happening in the world of cryptocurrency. These stories cover all manner of what is happening in the cryptosphere, including the major changes and events for the companies in the field, large shifts in the world of finance that affect the crypto marketplace, general trends that may span over weeks and months so you can track the progress of a particular coin or blockchain project, and all other general news that is relevant in the world of distributed ledger technology. It is a great way to get a snapshot of what is trending in the greater crypto community, which provides our viewership with an easy way for people to stay up to date and engaged in the world of crypto.



Promotion of ICO: Our team of creative producers will put together a video outlining the details about your ICO, in an engaging and entertaining format, while still delivering the important details about your project. The promotion video will provide the viewers of the video with a good idea of what your ICO has to offer, and the important details concerning your ICO, Token, STO or company functionality. We will also explain where your particular platform will fit into the world of distributed ledger technology, so the public can easily conceptualize how your project will best suit their needs as consumers of your product. Your video will be hosted by one of our professional presenters, who will run the audience through what they need to know with regard to your ICO.



We produce a full comprehensive video review of your ICO delivered by one of our professional presenters, outlining not only the purpose of your company’s mission, but also a full breakdown of the functionality of your platform and also the team that is behind it,. This is a great way to gin up a lot of chatter about your ICO, Token, STO or company functionality, as it will have all the important information from your White Paper, while still being delivered in an entertaining and engaging video format. This format will function now only as an affective promotion tool before you launch your platform, but something that viewers can go back to over and over again as a resource do the level of content in the video presentation.



This is a great add-on to a review of your ICO, it is where we do a one on one sit down between one of our skilled presenters and a representative from your team. The AMA format (ask me anything) format does two great things for your project, the first is matching a face to the name so you can build trust and recognisability in the crypto space giving your company a better foothold in the community, and it also provides a platform where one of your team representatives can help to further drive the narrative you want to create in and around your project. This is a great way to create more content about your ICO, and also to match a face to the company name.

Crypto Global News Team